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Prospectol is a UK company that provides drug testing kits online. We also provide information about how to use the tests in an effective way to help yourself or to stop a loved one, a child or valued employee from getting into drug abuse which is affecting their lives of work responsibilities. Drug testing for yourself or on another individual needs to be considered carefully and we will endevour to provide you with as much information as possible to help you.

We accept drugs and alcohol are part of some people's lives, for one reason or another, and it is a simple fact of human life. Some drugs and alcohol in moderation, can have positive results for creativity and healing, whilst for others it can create a problem. It is the excessive abuse of any drug that can start a process of general degredation and despair.

Prospectol aim to take a more holstic view of drug and chemical use in human society. In today's society alcohol is accepted widely, smoking tobacco and cannabis consumption is also failrly widely accepted along with the use of the less addictive drugs such as Ecstacy in some circles.

What is not generally accepted, or at least very near borderline, are the more addictive of destructive drugs such as Heroin and Cocaine, along with many others.

On pollutions it's the same opinion. Whilst pollution is inevitable due to our human existance and somwhat can be dealt with by nature, it's up to us to limit the devastating consequences of the pollution we create.

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