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Our Opinion

sydney-housing-marketWhy Trump is now a puppet, WW3? Civil war 2.0? 

By Paul Barnyard

1 in 15 Americans live in trailer parks. That’s 22 million people or 1/4th the population of the UK.  And you can guess what happened in Corporate America, yes you guessed it, Private equity firms are buying up the land that these trailers sit on. America rapid era of globalisation and expansion appear to be coming to an end and many economists predict recession in 2020.

The only growth sector in America is surprisingly real estate. With 0% interest available to those on Wall Street, and those cash rich. These trailer parks seem like a no brainier with the US rapidly losing its middle class.  

Also in the news this week, the Tories look like they have finally finished, coming 5th in the EU elections.  Under 45’s have given up on the Tory party and never likely to back to voting for them. 

Why we shouldn’t rely on American food, the UK currently imports mostly from Europe and most of American food currently doesn’t meet EU standards. However, if the UK comes out the UK, then we will rely more and more cheap food from across the pond.  The yanks are very efficient at producing food but unfortunately the consumers are the guinea pigs.  Chemicals such as pesticides and some additives are in abundance on US crops and god knows what is contained in the processed stuff after it’s dug up.  In the US food system, the chemicals or additive doesn’t have to go through rigorous testing like the EU and has to be proved that is not fit for humans after consumption, not before.

If you want to know one of the reasons the US health care system is the most expensive in the world? Well it’s partly to do with the shit food they eat, which has a knock on effect which causes other issues such as diabetes, obesity etc.  If you want to avoid food that is covered in poison, then don’t eat food made in the USA.   

War on Drugs? One of the biggest killers in America is the opioid epidemic, the legal variety you get from all good health centres. Trump may say this is national tragedy and health emergency, but what the fuck has he done about it?  Fuck all!  There is probably a tussle going in Trumps inner circle, the conversations probably goes,"well we want these people dead, they are no use to society" and there will be other voices saying “but our drug companies will suffer and the health sector will lose some patients etc”.   Trump is not your friend.   These hard right republicans will do anything to keep their higher status, if that means killing off a few million by water contamination or spread of viruses, you bet these guys will have the antidote*

*Sorry for this outlandish conspiracy theory but have to put this in here as I don’t trust these people has far as I can throw them.

Back in the UK, Nigel Farage Brexit party has come out on top in the EU polls.  But ask yourself this, would Nigel Farage take a bullet for the nation? If it was him or the nation, he would choose himself every single time.  Wake up people, for fuck sake!.  Nigel is your friend until he isn’t and attacks another group of people whic is you.

The US dollar is Dead!
You heard it here first, the US dollar is losing its mojo and many nations confidence in the dollar as the world reserve currency is coming to and end.   Oil is no longer being purchased by China in the petro dollar which is massive in terms of global currency movements.  They say the Soviet Union was brought down by faxes, cell phones and photocopying machines.  The US dollar will be bough down by false demands, US terrorism, fake derivatives and social networks.  They can no longer control the flow of information and its working against the dollar.

Trump is now a puppet in government, they have a lot of dirt on this guy and he now has to fall into line. In fact he is the fall guy when shit hits the fan.  It has been said America are preparing for to for a reset, in calibration with China and some other countries.  The jostling and negations are in the form of trade wars but they know they will come to some agreement in the end.  The dollar and the CYN will go head to head for a while but eventually they will agree backing their currencies with gold which equals a big reset.  Do you think the yanks will ever pay off the 20 Trillion of national debt they have rising by 1 Trillion per year? Give me a break

Will the US go to War
Trump, Xi and Putin are all in talks about avoiding world war 3. They want to avoid it at all costs. Trump is a complete idiot but he doesn’t want world war 3. All  global world currency resets have ended in hot wars, ie 1st and 2nd world war.  The next reset will avoid war, its too dangerous and complicated in todays modern word.otherwise they will loading up their warships now. China and Russia basically have the same weaponry as the US now, if not better, US knows this and they cant go bully like the old days. Another reason the why the USD is dead. The currency is only backed the Pentagon.

Civil war 2.0?
There has been recent suggestions in the Guardian and New York times that the US is heading towards civil war.  There are too many divisions on too many fronts for this not be a realist scenery. Trump is whipping up hate and inequality is growing by the second.  The left are stock piling weapons ready to fight.  I actually met a teacher in Bangkok last year who told me that they had an outpost outside L.A where they will flee if trouble starts brewing.  Some of silicon valley have retreats in Canada and New Zealand (mostly due to theory’s on A.I & automation)

What should you do?
Buy gold and silver.

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