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"The big cheeses of these underworld operations seem to be very good at business and maths"

London Cocaine Drug Criminal Network is worth 5 billion as reported in the Guardian.

  • Albanian Gangs control UK ports
  • Albanian gangs have forged relationships with rival gangs including the Italian Mafia
  • How cocaine has become cheaper
  • The tactics the gangs use

It is common knowledge that many of the Drug gangs are controlled by a mix of Albanian and Romanian dealers.  They are known for violence and now through social media a luxury lifestyle of Ferraris, Rolex watches, pent house properties,  wads of cash and have London's youngsters at the tip of their fingers.

The gangs go to great lengths to protect their patches, they use a combination of firearms, manpower and even music videos to remind viewers "HB" are ready for violence.  The gang belong to the retail game of the cocaine trade. They are dealers that organise syndicates who the National Crime agency believe are consolidating power throughout the UK underworld. It's not surprising that knife crime is on the rise in London with dog eat dog tactics.  This is about survival of the fittest, and the greed culture has infected every layer of society.

The big cheeses of these underworld operations seem to be very good at business and maths.  Tony Saggers of the National crime agency has spent 30 years in the job and he says “What they have done very intelligently is say: ‘OK, we’ve got these margins to play with and we’re going to give a good slice of that to the customer.’”

The Albanian gangs have re-written the street rules and control production and the wider economy of cocaine.   Cocaine is at its cheapest in the UK since 1990 and the drug getting stronger and purer and possibly more addictive.  More shipments are being found at UK ports and production in Columbia has hit record levels, up 31% on 2016

Albanian gangs at first struggled to compete because they had a more expensive product, but the product was of a much better quality.  The Albanians had to buy from the Mafia Shqiptare directly so they have got sustainable prices and good quality and people keep coming back. 

The business practices are so good, Alan Sugar would higher these people if it was a legal operation. They started small and then went big!  First of all, they had to get control of all the ports in Europe.  For that, the Shiqiptare needed to collaborate with the Mafia in Italy which controls most of the trade in Europe.  

Partnerships and Ports of Entry

They have formed a strong partnership with the Italian Mafia and they get on well. The Italians have good contacts in South America and the Albanians do the rest, its easy money. They are well known to priorities relationship building rather than feuds.   They are professional in everything they do, they promise and they always deliver.

The trade goes from Colombia to Rotterdam which then gets passed through to the UK via UK ports or small fishing boats.  There are also many other routes including Antwerp to Tilbury in the Thames.  Both these ports employ 240,000 people and you can be sure that some of them work for the Mafia.  This gives the Albanians direct access to the ports. It doesn't always go plain sailing, Klodjan Copja was caught with 75 millions euros (£60m) worth of cocaine when his couriers were caught with a drug laden lorry arriving from Kent

They are good at avoiding confrontation with organised criminal gangs and they are skilled at developing relationships (maybe Donold Trump should learn some lessons from these guys!) One port they don't operate out of is Merseyside which has its own direct access to ports in S.America.

The low cost of cocaine from this very efficient operation has helped fuel knife crime and smaller younger street gangs are able to purchase more quintiles and so to have "just in time" cocaine combined with mobile phones makes it a quick access drug and readily available. Addiction becomes easier for the addicts and the cycle continues creating a never ending feedback loop.

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