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Rees-Mogg and Nigel Farage Disaster Capitalists & One world Currency

14 Mar 2019

Are we heading for one world currency?

Why we must scrap the typical office environment ASAP

04 Mar 2019

"drug testing of employees like pilots, airplane mechanics, and train operators has revealed that twice as many employees as previously believed are using...

Cocaine Usage in UK 2018/2019

29 Dec 2018

 Cocaine Self Testing Data in the UK

Could LSD (ACID) become legalised in the Western World?

13 Feb 2019

The campaign to legalise LSD in Britain is gathering pace. Amanda Feilding, an English countess is lobbying for change

Sugar Gold: Cannabis could be made in the Lab and make it cheaper!

11 Mar 2019

Scientists develop genetically modified strain that can produce cannabinoid with added sugar and make it much more environmentally friendly

Disaster capitalism is set to get more people hooked on Drugs

18 Feb 2019

Many of these far right idologues want a hard Brexit, again mostly to profit and somehow go back to a 1950's utopia that never existed

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Our Opinion

 Cocaine use all time high in the UK, Brexit & Climate change


UK Cocaine use and Brexit

News has recently been published that the UK is in a Cocaine epidemic, the UK snorts more cocaine than anywhere else in Europe.  The overall usage of drugs is also higher since 2010 and this has largely been associated with government policy and austerity. ​

Meanwhile Brexit continues to dominate affairs in Britain, a third of companies in the UK have said they have started to diversify investment from the UK into Europe in preparation of the possibility of cliff edge no deal Brexit.  Nissan the car maker, despite a sweetheart deal with the UK government is moving a planned production to the continent.


Asia Smog

Bangkok is drowning in pollution, due a combination of the bi yearly burning of domestic and foreign waste, increasing amount of cars on the roads and factory immersions have led to deadly combination of toxic smog.  

Venezuela crisis: Rival protests held in Caracas

Thousands are marching in support of the newly self-appointed president of the country, Mr Guaido. He is the current head of the national assembly but the constitution allows him to take power when the current president is deemed illegitimate. China and Russia support the elected president, Mr Maduro, while Trump and some allies including the UK support Guaido.   Not surprising everyone is putting their two-penneth thought in these affairs due the fact Venezuela has the largest deposits of oil in the world.


Climate Change

Australia is burning and America is in a deep freeze, this could be the new normal as discussed in the opinion peace by David Wallace-Wells.  He discusses possible future outcomes of the planet but also some solutions if we act now.

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