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Drug supply shortage: US import container congestion delaying many street drugs and vital medicine


Port congestion in the USA could halt drug supply

USA Imports Shipping Update (essentially big retailers have massively increased their imports into the USA ahead of Trump's tariff increase, now causing huge countrywide congestion and delays). A bigly idiot running America:


The surge of imports into the port of Los Angeles and Long Beach causing congestion in December is now spreading to the inland US.  Essential services including medical drugs aswell as obviosly narcotics could be held up for a very long time.

Cargo owners are facing weeks-long delays and demurrage bills into the thousands of dollars as international containers stockpile at Union Pacific Railroad’s (UP) Marion terminal in Memphis, Tennessee, and Global IV terminal in Joliet, Illinois.

The surge of imports into Los Angeles and Long Beach causing congestion in December is now spreading inland, although there are no complaints yet about BNSF Railway’s yards. The volume spike is also bringing back two chronic issues: chassis shortages and lack of trucker choice. Ocean carriers and terminal operators have advised that this disruption may continue until mid-to-late February, according to MIQ Logistics. Street drugs and gangs could be forced to put up prices if supplies start getting thin on the ground.

“There is significant chassis tightness in several key markets as the heavy surge of imports that landed on the US West Coast prior to the New Year continues to flow to the inland terminals,” UP wrote. “There is still considerable import freight at the west coast ports, so we expect heavy volumes to continue at the inland terminals for several weeks.”

The gridlock is due to a mixture of multiple factors hurting fluidity inland. There have been 34 extra-loader vessels Los Angeles and Long Beach since November, as imports climbed more than 20 percent in December. Beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) were shipping spring merchandise before tariffs were due to rise to 25 percent on Jan. 1, 2019. The Trump administration delayed the escalation, but containers were already in transit before the announcement.

As the back log comes inland, the cooperative chassis pools are bare. There aren’t enough for the international containers, but when these truckers volunteer their own chassis, terminal operators refuse. Meanwhile, UP is levying demurrage fees of $100 per day while the mess is sorted out but they won’t escalate the fees until further notice.

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