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sydney-housing-marketDrugs not booze causing problems say racecourse owners.

  • Call for tracks to counter illegal drug use
  • Officials respond to fights at Haydock last weekend

Drugs use at racecourses are causing real headaches for racecourses across the UK according to on-site bookmakers who often witness the problems.  A recent episode at Haydock resulted in a mother and child surrounded by a mass brawl with men throwing punches left and right.

The bookies say that they are sure that it is not alcohol related and all to with with drugs such as cocaine.  "They are drinking but its the drugs that is making them more aggressive" said one bookmaker who didn't want to be identified. 

A second bookie, Andy Geraghty, said: “I have witnessed, first-hand, men sniffing cocaine in front of my pitch on the racecourse. I couldn’t believe it!.”

A third bookmaker, James Lovell, stated: "I am tremendously worried about medication use at the races yet it runs connected at the hip with liquor utilization for a vast piece of the present society and isn't an issue limited to racecourses. Regardless of whether it is in a roundabout way and accidentally supported by the racecourses' model of club DJs [to engage after racing] just as their longing to drive benefits through liquor utilization is another issue." 

That message was reverberated by another bookmaker, situated in the north, who requested to stay mysterious. He talked about the dangers that tracks keep running in trying to draw in "individuals with little enthusiasm for dashing however will burn through cash on liquor. This combined with cocaine prompts inconvenience." 

"Battling on racecourses is just the same old thing new," Geraghty said. "It's being continuing for some, numerous years. It's just with the approach of web-based social networking and telephones with cameras that it's brought into open information." 

"We're en route to Southwell now," said Paul Johnson, another bookmaker, "and I can nearly promise you we won't perceive any issues at Southwell. 

"The tremendous, dominant part of gatherings, you don't perceive any issues at all and what stresses me over the recognition this is a typical issue that happens constantly. It truly doesn't." 

In any case, when it happens, Johnson feels that racecourses don't adapt just as they should. "Their security must show signs of improvement. It must be progressively cautious, it must be a more grounded nearness, with better interchanges so they can survey it faster, on the off chance that there is a problem area, at that point they can arrive speedier and sort it out snappier. 




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