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Our Opinion

workplace drugWorkplace stress and the rise of mental illness could be pushing more people to take drugs

  • Workplace office jobs are becoming increasingly stressful.
  • Automation could reduce the working week and hours worked.
  • No pay rise in years 10 years is a result of globalisation.
  • Companies recruited talent from overseas to save money in the aftermath of the 2008 crises.

Many workplaces are stressful places. Office politics can sometimes lead to resent and stress can build up in individuals making more people revert to booze and drugs. We know this because mental illness is on the rise and NHS are struggling to cope with demand.  

Some people have blamed social media for rise in mental illness amongst teenagers, but its doesn't really explain the rise in Adults. We live in a consumer culture and some people are obsessed with keeping up with the Jones. Perhaps this does affect peoples lives for the worse if they feel worse off than there peers or neighbours.  However the rise in depression for example is very unlikely the result of your neighbour buying a brand new Audi.   Workplaces are tough environments, many jobs are of the bullshit variety and the employees sometimes have to pretend to be working even if there is no work. 

Workplaces create toxic environments and leads to unhealthy competition. The chance of a promotion or a higher status role leads people to work longer hours to try and impress the boss, often unpaid. The reality is that most people in the UK have not had a pay rise in  the 10 years.  The media often blame the financial crises in 2018, and although partly true, the major reason is that we live in a globalised world and the Internet has made it easier for companies to outsource many tasks to countries that have very low wages compared to the UK.  After the 2008 downturn, many companies looked to save money, thus recruited talent from overseas from countries like India.

After many years stuck in an office, some workers leave and some stay even if it breaks them and their mental health gets worse  and mild depression sets in. if if left untreated can lead to severe depression and months off work.

Patients then have long waits to see Doctors and have to take time off work and are given drugs by Doctors that often has poor long term outcomes.  CBT therapy would be much better or the best thing we can do as a country is revert to a 4 day week and scrap overtime. 

A million people work in call centres in the UK despite many predictions these jobs would go to automation first. The workers have been kept on as the automated phone systems that been tried and tested were having a detrimental effect on companies customer support operations so many were scrapped.  These call centre type jobs can be very stressful places to work and having to concentrate every minute of the day can be very challenging.  Workers get to the weekend completely shattered and often they will hit the town drinking themselves silly or take drugs such as MDMA or cocaine.  Many office jobs are now at risk of automation which can only abe be a good thing.

It's time people spend less time in the office and more time with family and friends. Education and community sprit will be vital to stop people abusing drugs in their spare time.

workplace drug


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