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Our Opinion

Parts of the UK are becoming no go zones for some former gang members.

The  influence of the county lines system has helped to drive fatal stabbings in the capital to the highest levels since records began. Country lines is a  drug distribution system in which criminal gangs exploit children or young adults to funnel hard drugs from cities to towns and rural regions across the country. Those that are exploited are often from vulnerable backgrounds and are groomed into doing the dirty work of the big cheeses at the top.

The increasing death toll has become increasingly politicised over the past week with crisis meetings between the home secretary and the Met Police. There are warnings of a “national emergency” and Theresa May pledging an emergency summit on this issue.

Parts of the UK are becoming no go zones for some former gang members. Community representatives estimate that hundreds of British kids have left for Somalia – a country that has recently seen car bombings, US overstrikes and a deadly siege – because the UK has become too deadly for these former gang members.

Take the county of Norwich, here are some eye watering stats:

27 The number of county lines operating from London to Norfolk

1,024 number of people arrested in Norfolk since 2016

500 Number of gang members who left criminal footprint in Norfolk


70% of Islington’s Somalis are affected by knife crime and county lines

8 neighbourhood police serve Finsbury Park ward’s 17,200 population

15-16 Optimum age for recruiting children to work in county lines

66% Increase in trafficked children, boosted by drug gang activity

£5,000 The amount a gang can earn in a day from a county line



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