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Live updates from our Editors Simon and Paul

So Boris is our new PM: Like those rich drunk idiots that buy the champagne for everybody but leave and only pay their own bill. As boris is surrounding himself with his hard-line pals i think we will see ultra hard right govt now that makes trump look soft obviously getting ready for ge in cahoots withe the BP, UKIP and BNP but you never can tell with boris, he says one thing and means another. If he goes through with no deal, and thats a big if because the house might vote him out if he carries on with the threat if he goes through with it and the house cant stop him, then i guess he could win over the brexit party supporters and labour leavers but how long will that last, he would be out of power within a year of that mess when people realise how much worse off they are, inc the poor and middle class. The Channel tunnel boss thinks we are certain to leave with no deal, Heathrow boss is certain we will stay. Im very much on the stay side. The only way we leave is by G.E or peoples vote and they vote out again, the G.E more likely route to work for no deal but still very unlikely. What i dont think boris will do is leave on the 31st come what may, he will get an extension and other possibilities will come to light. he wont want to risk an early departure, he's too career focused for that and selfish.

Cannabis stocks slammed after FDA warning to Curaleaf for CBD claims

Clinical study using MDMA to treat alcoholism shows promising results

According to the Journal of General Medicine, During the summer (June through August), Teens are more likely to use drugs compared with other times of year. The findings were published July 23rd 

Trump said during his election campaign that he will drain the swamp.  The swamp is now getting bigger along with the national deficit.  This man doesn't have a single ounce of creditability left.  US has inflicted Financial terrorism on the rest of the world for a very long time and they are throwing the toys out the pram because people are losing faith in the US. 

Boris and Trump are turning the moderates in Iran against us

they know that, they just want a war.

I am getting concerned about the mental health of the far right in USA and UK

their attitude is likely to spark a war which will achieve nothing at all, but no doubt the delinquents that support these idiots will be happy.


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