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How long do drugs stay in your system and can how long can drugs be detected in urine?

Our tests are urine based and usually the drugs can be detected up to 5 days. Cannabis can be detected for up to around 25 days although there are many factors that can determine how long the drug will be detected. 

How do I do a test?

Instructions on performing the test is included with your test kit. The tests we sell are easy to perform.

Do drug tests need to be used in Urine? I need to test the contents of a powder, can I dissolve it in water and then use the test?

I’m afraid this won’t work as it detects the drug from the metabolic of the drug broken down in the body.

How quickly can I receive my drug test?

You can get your order next day providing you order before 2pm.  You can pay extra to use other delivery couriers, eg Royal Mail Next Day guaranteed service.

Do you offer wholesale drug testing?

We offer wholesale drug testing B2B at very reasonable pricing. 

What are the drug testing cut off levels?

Heroin: Cut off level 2000 ng/ml
Cocaine: Cut off level 300 ng/ml
Amphetamines: Cut off level 1000 ng/ml
Ectasy: Cut off level 500 ng/ml
Cannabis: Cut off level 50 ng/ml
Morphine: Cut off level 300 ng/ml
Barbiturates: Cut off level 300 ng/ml
Methaqualone Test
: Cut off level 1000 ng/ml
Cotinine Test (Nicotine): Cut off level 200 ng/ml
Acctaminophen Test: Cut off level 1000 ng/ml
Fentanyl Test: Cut off level 2000 ng/ml
Methadone Test: Cut off level 300 ng/ml
Buprenorphine: Cut off level 10 ng/ml
K2 Synthentic Cannabis: Cut off level 50 ng/ml
Oxycodone Test: Cut off level 100 ng/ml
Propoxyphene Test: Cut off level 25 ng/ml
Phencyylidine Test: Cut off level 25 ng/ml
Tramadol Test: Cut off level 100 ng/ml
Tricyclic Antidepressant Test: Cut off level 1000 ng/ml


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